Efficient and reliable production is the key to your success. Our worker assistance system ELAM is the best solution for digital work instructions, precise process control and seamless traceability.
With our many years of experience in industrial engineering, the right ELAM software and our reliable hardware, you can increase employee satisfaction and boost profits.

We offer engineering, software and hardware.

ARMBRUSTER Engineering


We develop and manufacture manual and semi-automated production systems for industry.
From planning and production to commissioning and ongoing service.
Whatever production processes you need, we can put them into practice.
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ARMBRUSTER Engineering


Our ELAM software supports you with digital work instructions in assembly, enables the connection of a wide range of tools and is supported by experienced project managers.
ELAM increases competitiveness, offers digital worker guidance, process and quality assurance as well as traceability in assembly. We help your company to achieve stable, economical and error-free production.
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ARMBRUSTER Engineering


We offer you innovative, high-quality hardware components that integrate seamlessly into the ELAM system.
To this end, we have developed the Smart Work Assistant, our perfect IoT gateway for all ELAM applications.
Our range also includes all the tools you need for your process applications.
Rely on ELAM hardware to meet the highest quality standards.
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Benefit from our services


Process reliability

With ELAM software, assembly processes can be easily created, executed and monitored regardless of location. This increases process reliability and flexibility.

Quality improvement

Higher process reliability, a lower error rate and reliable data analysis and optimization through ELAM evaluation lead to increased quality.

Employee satisfaction

The ELAM assistant actively guides and supports employees, shortens the training period, simplifies the work steps and ultimately reduces the error rate. Frustration is reduced and employees are more satisfied.

Profit increase

ELAM software reduces costs through shorter training times, faster adjustments in production and more productive assembly. Low investment costs and increased product quality maximize profits.

"ELAM is an asset because it enables people to accomplish tasks that they would not be able to do without this system."

Lars Schröder, Production manager, AWO Werkstatt Siegen

"We were so impressed by the ELAM system that we want to use ELAM to assemble other product lines."

HÖRMANN Automotive GmbH

“Thanks to the visualization and worker guidance, we were able to drastically reduce the training time for staff and cut assembly errors to almost zero.”

Marco Könen, Fertigungsleiter, Bks GmbH
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We are Armbruster Engineering

Armbruster Engineering is an owner-managed company that is characterized by innovative products, consistent customer loyalty and continuous development . We realize national and international projects for our customers.
In doing so, we draw on many years of experience from numerous successful projects in various industries. Thanks to our agile, innovative approach, we are always one step ahead of the wider market.
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ELAM basic training in August 2024

ELAM basic training in August 2024

New location, new products, new content - our free ELAM basic training are back! Join us on August 28, 2024 for the first date after expanding into new rooms.
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The new Smart Cordless Screwdriver: SMACO 5

The new Smart Cordless Screwdriver: SMACO 5

Do you want to record and document your C-fasteners and drastically increase your fastening reliability? But conventional screwdriving technology is too expensive for you? We have the solution!
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Review of the 7th ELAM user meeting

Review of the 7th ELAM user meeting

The 7th ELAM User Meeting recently took place in Waldenburg and was a great success. With the participation of 21 companies and a total of 32 participants, the event provided an important platform for the exchange...
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