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ELAM Soft­ware

Transform your production into a digital factory with our networked solutions.
Our ELAM worker assistance system empowers people, reduces costs and increases quality.

The advantages of ELAM

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Reduce mistakes

ELAM reduces errors in assembly and improves the accuracy of your production processes.

Improve productivity

Increase your productivity with ELAM by optimizing workflows and achieving efficiency gains.

Increase product quality

Improve the product quality of your products thanks to precise guidance and monitoring by ELAM.

Accelerate training

The training period for new employees is significantly shortened because ELAM offers them intuitive and effective support.

Mastering variants

With ELAM, you can master the variance in assembly, even with batch size 1, and ensure flexible and efficient production.
ARMBRUSTER Engineering

Reduce costs

Reduce your production costs effectively with ELAM by optimizing resources and making processes more efficient.

Overview of the most important modules

ARMBRUSTER Engineering


ARMBRUSTER Engineering
› Plug-ins for main functions
› Integrated user administration
› Adjustable job start
› Sequencing the order sequence
ARMBRUSTER Engineering


ARMBRUSTER Engineering
› Step-by-step work instructions
› Show images and videos directly
› Controlled assembly
ARMBRUSTER Engineering


ARMBRUSTER Engineering
› Storage of data and parts
› Evaluation across three levels
› Search function via filters
› Clear dashboard display

The versions of the ELAM

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ELAM Enterprise

ELAM ENTERPRISE revolutionizes the production landscape by networking all areas. Consistently from goods receipt to dispatch. This on-premise solution enables seamless adaptation to your processes thanks to its high level of customizability.
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ELAM Solutions

ELAM Solutions

ELAM Solutions redefines the future of the digital factory: cost-efficient, easy to install and suitable for every workplace. As a cloud solution from Armbruster Engineering, ELAM Solutions offers an uncomplicated and budget-friendly entry, consistently geared towards maximum standardization.
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ARMBRUSTER Engineering - Team

ELAM user meeting

Armbruster Engineering organizes the ELAM user meeting every year.
While the ELAM developers present exciting new features of our software, our customers provide insights into their practical experience with the ELAM system.

ELAM Helpcenter

For both versions, we offer special help centers that provide comprehensive information, quick steps and video tutorials to help you get the most out of your ELAM software.


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