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ELAM Hard­ware

Our range includes innovative and high-quality hardware components that are seamlessly integrated into the ELAM system. The Smart Work Assistant serves as the perfect IoT gateway for all ELAM applications. In addition, we offer a wide range of tools for your process applications. Rely on ELAM hardware to meet the highest quality standards.

Overview of the most important modules


The ELAM devices are compact and connected directly to the SWA, without an additional terminal box. This saves space and increases flexibility in production. Our five SWA variants offer powerful processors and identical connection options, such as HDMI for external touch monitors and ETH connectors for LAN connections. Scanners and field devices are connected via 2x2 USB connectors, pick-to-light sensors via Neutrix connectors. A new addition is the SWA Mini Client - the most cost-effective solution on the market.

ELAM devices

We have manufactured these devices so that they can be precisely integrated into your installation. All devices have been developed by our experienced engineers and produced by us in Bremen. Our devices are individually subjected to load tests and undergo strict quality control.

Third Party Units

Our third-party units come from renowned companies and have been thoroughly tested for quality and compatibility. We can recommend them without reservation for high-quality assembly processes.

Elam Devices

Third Party Units


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